Who am I?

Felix Longyang Wang

A creative, technical designer with a wide spectrum of vision and design capabilities. Passionate about user-centred and innovation-driven user experience and product design. Senior Design Lead in Infosys Strategic Design Consulting team. Conducted visual design, product design of business and marketing platform, data management application, enterprise performance management and IOT interactions. Led product design, art direction, visual system and graphic design in team. 7+ years design experience, 2+ years design management experience. Professional photographer, cinematographer. Official photographer and videographer for Vishal Sikka (previous CEO of Infosys, previous CTO of SAP)


Work Experience

Senior Design Lead
Infosys Limited
2018 –

Design Lead
Infosys Limited
2016 – 2018
Responsibilities/Accomplishments: Principal designer of campaign management & marketing automation platform (client: world’s leading renowned technology retailer); digital farming IOT; immersive game experience.

Infosys Limited official photographer for CEO

UX Designer
SAP Ariba
Responsibilities/Accomplishments: Visual design for SAP Ariba Guided Buying.

UX Designer
Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center
Responsibilities/Accomplishments: UX and UI design for Xfinity TV & mobile apps.

Graphic Designer
Swrve Inc.
Responsibilities/Accomplishments: Visual design, app prototyping, POC, VC presentation.

Creative Consultant (part-time, remote)
AHRT, S.A. de C.V.
2013 – 2015
Responsibilities/Accomplishments: Mobile app for petroleum industry, marketing & PR materials.

Graphic Design Officer
Kempinski Hotels
Responsibilities/Accomplishments: Marketing & PR materials, branding.


Academy of Art University
Master of Fine Arts
2012 – 2015

Florida International University
Bachelor of Science
2009 – 2011

Tianjin University of Commerce, China
Bachelor of Business Administration
2007 – 2009

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Campaign Management & Marketing Automation Platform

Design Lead, Infosys

Contribution: Design lead of this entire product, from pencils to pixels.
Collaborating with the marketing team of our client (a major technology retail company, one of the world’s leading renowned technology retailers) on the design of their campaign management and marketing automation platform, we, the Infosys Marketing Insight team, helped completed this pilot outsourcing project. As the principal designer of this outsourcing project, I adopted the Design Thinking methodology, conducted extensive research on user… , and proposed the idea of an intuitive user experience and GUI for non-technical users fulfilled by creating complex campaign roll-out maps with ease and delight. I teamed up with our principal architect and meanwhile worked with the front-end development team to ensure that the final deliverable is done nicely and professionally. We received positive feedback from our clients and this project – campaign management and marketing automation platform – helped us establish high reputation in the industry.



Mate Radalj

Vice President and Principal Software Engineer at Kinetica

Felix worked with Mate in the same group

“I worked with Felix very closely in designing a Campaign Marketing Automation Platform for a major technology retail company. It is perhaps the world’s most renowned technology retailer. Famous for stressing visual function and design and the overall user experience.

Felix executed such design. To their uncompromising standards. The GUI was clean, intuitive, and engaging. Marketing managers were able to specify campaigns, target audiences, payloads, and scoring rules that governed the campaign. His initial visual designs alone were a principal factor in winning this work.

Felix is the highest combination of creativity, visualization, and analytical caliber. It comes across in his speech, dress, understanding of ergonomics, and superb visual design skills across a range of vertical disciplines. He is highly attuned to and designs a look and feel with the total user experience in mind. Simply the best.”

Next Generation Cloud Financial Planning & Analytics Platform

Design Lead in Funding Team

Contribution: Design lead of this entire product, from pencils to pixels.
 SaaS EPM (budgeting, forecasting, modeling, reporting, BI) is the key to company’s success in today’s fast-pace and highly competitive business environment. This project is a B2B startup, which is a combination of SaaS, PaaS, App, mobile, and collaboration architecture hosting on cloud. As the UI/UX design lead in the funding team of this startup project, I work closely together with the development team by providing intuitive user experience design and high quality visual design from pencils to pixels. We aim to launch this product in late 2018.

Infosys Plant IO Digital Farm

Design Lead, Infosys Limited

Contribution: Design lead of UX/Visual design and prototyping
Plant IO is an open source, plant-growing platform. With Plant.io, we aim to bring new forms of software-driven intelligence and interaction to the plant growth cycle, while using easy-to-source, off-the-shelf hardware to house, incubate, and monitor the germination of plants. Recent advances in artificial intelligence, automation, and machine learning, as well as data & analytics and the Internet of Things, are enabling new ways in which the digital, the physical, and the biological are converging across industries and all spheres of life.

Web App Design and Wireframes:

Educational Game Design & Wireframes:

SAP Ariba Guided Buying

UX Designer, SAP Ariba

Contribution: User interface, icons, email design.
 Guided Buying gives clients’ employees a simple way to buy smarter through preferred channels. It brings suppliers and buyers together to help streamline procurement. By encouraging your employees to follow procurement guidelines – without having to read them first – you can help them quickly and easily buy goods and services from preferred suppliers with minimal support from your procurement teams. I used to work for SAP Ariba’s UX and during the time working with the design team,I was in charge of the design of the user interface of the Guided Buying, which includes homepage, landing page, items detail page, quote page, requestor page, request for quotation (RFQ) page, HANA server detail page, checkout page, shopping cart widget, navigation icons and RFQ email design.

Keny Heejoon Kim

Sr. Visual UX Designer at SAP Ariba

Felix worked with Keny in the same group

“Felix is creative, knowledgeable, and AWESOME to work with. I worked with Felix at SAP for the same project. He is good at dealing with solving the problem using his great design skills. Felix is always energetic and wasn’t afraid to tackle the challenging parts for the project. I would be happy to work with him again.”

XFINITY X1 Karaoke App

UX Designer, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Contribution: Entire project.
 As the core UX design team in Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Centre, our mission is not only to improve existing products (especially dedicated to XFINITY X1 apps), but also to come up with new concepts and experimental ideas for the company’s future products. X1 Karaoke App is a conceptual product, which has both a XFINITY X1 TV app and a mobile app. It is a stand-alone product that is not included in the current personal media or the entertainment XFINITY X1 TV apps. As the only designer of this project, I started from doing research on user experience and found that Karaoke, as an entertainment programme,has brought so much fun in an individual’s life. TV is such a device that not only broadcasts programmes to users to create a one-way experience but also enhances an interactive entertainment experience. In addition, the user flow, wireframes, and visual design have been created for XFINITY X1 box, therefore, this product does have the capability to make Karaoke happen at home!

Eric Chao

Creative Director at Symphony.com

Felix worked with Eric in the same group

“Felix has a great eye for design and lots of passion for technology. I really enjoy working with him at Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center. Felix brings fresh perspective to a project and able to create solutions with his design skills. A unique creative with great styles.”

XFINITY X1 Sports App

UX Designer, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Contribution: Design research, visual design, data visualisation.
The XFINITY X1 Sports app provides fast and convenient access to live games, scores of all games currently in progress, additional coverage of the games you are not watching, and upcoming league schedules. Participating in the design research process and working with the product team, I created the visual design and data visualization for the game rating system, and provided maintenance service for the Game Extra in X1 Sports TV App. Such visual design gives users a better way to view visualised data in detail while watching games and creates a new experience for users when they are watching TV.

XFINITY X1 Photos App

UX Designer, Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Contribution: User interface, user flow, wireframing, prototyping.
 X1 Photos App lets users show off their best photos and videos on your XFINITY X1 TV and share memories from a recent vacation, wedding or party by casting photos to your TV from your phone’s camera roll, or from your Facebook, Instagram or Flickr account. X1 Photos can also be used in conjunction with the Easy Pair App on X1 to easily send photos and videos to an XFINITY X1 TV Box, without the need to log in with your XFINITY username and password. My Contribution to this XFINITY product is the interface design for the X1 Photos TV app and the user flow design for the Easy Pair Mobile App, which helps users easily connect home TV with their personal devices. The design process includes research, sketching, wireframing, prototyping, and visual design.

Daniel Hastings

Creative Director at Comcast Silicon Valley Innovation Center

Daniel managed Felix directly

“Felix is a talented guy with lots of potential! Honest, insightful and passionate about technology Felix will bring a fresh perspective to any UX team looking for a young, relevant point of view.”

Mobile App for Petroleum Industry

Remote UI/UX Design Work, AHRT, S.A. de C.V.

Elevate Home Design App

UI Design Work, Elevate Home Design

Swrve PoC, Client Presentations

Graphic Designer, Swrve Inc.

Lazy Donor Charity App

School Project

About: Lazy Donor is an innovative mobile phone app that I created in my Digital Design Studio course. Lazy Donor is a charity app that allows users to make small donations to charity every time they hit the snooze button on the alarm clock on their iPhone. The user’s credit card or bank account will be linked to the app. Through investigation I found that people are not generally very enthusiastic about making donations on a daily basis. People paying at checkouts in supermarkets are likely to skip the donation button on the screen. The Lazy Donor app not only solves the problem of insufficient contributions, but also arouses enthusiasm by making donating money fun. When using this app, both the donation and the snooze intervals are set by the user. Each time a user presses the Snooze button (or automatically after it exceeds a certain limited time period) a donation is made. Not only will this app be a useful tool as an alarm clock but it will also continue to provide contributions to charitable organisations.