Infosys **** Technical Platform — Automobile Shared Data Platform and Service Applications

Senior Experience Design Lead, Infosys

Contribution: Design lead of user experience design and GUI design in the beginning stage of multiple products within the platform complex; Managed design related product flow and progress; Initiated POC of the Master Data Management (MDM) Hub platform; Applied design thinking methodology.

About: Infosys **** Technical Platform is a cloud based business application complex that can provide multiple fundamental features in one place. The core business scenario tackled was to design and develop a solution that supports, • Data streaming; • The ingestion of existing vehicle records; • Near-real-time business analytics and decision making on the vehicle records; • Multi-tenancy (geo, brand and company specific requirements) • Full auditing and tracking of information within the platform • Data-first revolutionary vision for a micro-service based real-time data-hub could enable the user to break-free from the legacy digital concrete that is hampering real-business innovation

Core Concepts: • Micro-service Design • Event-Based Architecture • Data-First Services • Capability Extensibility on Data- Services • Data Structure/Flexibility • Universal Data Hub for Real-time Business Decision Making • Performance and Scalability

Automobile Shared Data Platform UI Design:

Automobile Shared Data Platform Storyboard/Flowchart:

Master Data Management (MDM) Hub platform UI Design: