Campaign Management and Marketing Automation Platform
Design Lead, Infosys

Contribution: Design lead of this entire product, from pencils to pixels. Initiated design tasks, Conducted POC presentations in client meetings. managed and directed off-shore front-end team for the product development and delivery.

About: Campaign Management and Marketing Automation Platform is a cloud-based platform that helps marketing managers to specify campaigns, target audiences, payloads, and scoring rules that governed the campaign. It’s a useful and meaningful tool that contributes a big value to the marketing users.

Collaborating with the marketing team of our client (a major technology retail company, one of the world’s leading renowned technology retailers) on the design of their campaign management and marketing automation platform, we, the Infosys Marketing Insight team, helped completed this pilot project.

As the principal designer of this project, I adopted the design thinking methodology, conducted extensive user research, and proposed the idea of an intuitive user experience and graphical user interface for non-technical users fulfilled by creating complex campaign roll-out maps with ease and delight. With the strong and professional graphic design expertise, I teamed up with our principal architect and data scientist and meanwhile worked with the front-end development team to ensure that the final graphical user interface design for the platform is done cleanly, intuitively and professionally. We received positive feedback from our clients and this project – campaign management and marketing automation platform – helped us establish high reputation in the industry.

Chanllenges :
• Long Cycles – The marketing models rely on long cycles that ultimately provide insight/feedback for next year’s campaign, they do not take in to account that consumers may have moved on to the next thing (Customer State)
• External insights – Platforms were “far from prepared” for the next wave of Connected devices/explosion of Big + Small data
• Performance – Creation of Target list for campaigns is in consistent with interaction attributes
• Mail driven – All the platforms are mail driven & not Mobile App, Geo tagging/Proximity , native marketing based real time campaigns
• Mass marketing – Mass marketing efforts lead to higher rates of “Unsubscribe”–one of the biggest in B2B space

Core Features:


Campaign Management

Campaign Flow


Campaign Content Editing

Analytics & Reporting

Campaign Management and Campaign Flow

Scoring Structure Flow and Wireframe
The scoring rules of the campaign flow

UI Design
Campaign Management, Campaign Flow, Scoring, Content Editor

Campaign Management (Role: Campaign Manager)

Create a Campaign

Campaign Templates and Details

Audience List

Campaign Structuring

Campaign Structuring (Drag-n-drop)


Campaign Flow


Scoring (Cont.)

Scoring Widget

Content Editor




Prototype Video
Campaign Management and Campaign Flow